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156 pages
18 cm

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Over a textured background of earth tones two women are seen in a bedroom. One is a blonde in the foreground, off-centered to the left of, and facing the reader. She is sitting at the edge of the foot of a bed, left leg crossed over her right leg, her right hand removing her left shoe as she leans forward, pushing from her left arm, hand palm-down on the bed. She is wearing a white peignoir that is open at the front and has sleeves bunched up at the elbows, and a white brassiere that can be seen trough the fabric. Her hair is short and parted in the middle, and she raises her head and eyes towards the reader, with a relaxed expression. In the background, there is another woman, a brunette with short hair. She stands facing right of the image, with her hands interlaced on her back, arms fully stretched, looking out at the reader. She is wearing a dark-brown blouse with three-quarter sleeves and beige trousers, and her legs are slightly spread to either side. Part of the bed's headboard can be seen in the far right, and a light-purple pillow. The bedspread is pleated and white. The scene is lit from the front left of the image.

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