Other side of desire (The)

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Other side of desire (The)



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157 pages
18 cm

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"Book is too descriptive in portraying sexual action."

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"Would beautiful Carrie risk losing all she possessed for a few passionate moments in the arms of another woman? There was a time when Carrie experimented passionately with many beautiful young women. But she desperately wanted a more normal life. And when hard-working steady Paul Anderson proposed, she married him. Carrie was swiftly absorbed into the routine of marriage, hoping to stamp out the fires of her strange desires. But one day she met a completely uninhibited sex kitten named Kim Willis - who was teasing, tempting and willing to try something new in the ways of love. For a while Carrie was able to lead a double life as one man's wife and another woman's plaything. But then there came a time when she had to choose between two loves." -Back cover

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Two women sit up, one in the foreground, left of the image, and the other behind her, to the right of the image. The one in the foreground is a redhead with long, straight hair and a black headband, wearing a red negligee with wide straps and a curved neckline. She leans back on her right elbow, left hand resting between her thighs. Both legs are bent sharply to her left, feet behind her body, outside of view. She looks out at the reader. The other woman is a brunette with straight hair that bows into her neck, and parted in the middle. She is sitting facing the reader and leaning against her left hand. She wears a long-sleeved white blouse with buttons and a collar, and also gazes directly at the reader. The scene is lit with hard light coming from the bottom right.

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Item: MacManus, Yvonne (Paula Christian) Creator This Item


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