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159 pages
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"The book is objectionable for the simple fact that it attempts to excuse a perversive [sic] act as being perfectly normal, and that if people are not able to adjust to their normal God-given institcts, it is 'normal' to seek pleasures (sexual) in an abnormal measure.
You will notice that not too many pages are dog-eared! That is because an individual passage was not necessarily objectionable, but the 'story' in it's entirety is completely objectionable and morally wrong."

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Contested in the U.S.A and Canada by the National Organization for Decent Literature.

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A modern Isle of Lesbos - a sun-drenched Sodom just an hour from Manhattan where love has many faces.

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"I dowanna grow up!" Dinny was witty, gay, and almost fiercely casual. She was faithful to one girl at a time and was a wonderful lover until an affair threatened to involve her emotionally. Then she shied away, broke off the relationship quickly and cleanly. Usually there was no trouble, but when she told Gail, exquisite, clinging Gail, that they were through, Gail refused to accept it. There was trouble aplenty - and black tragedy - before Dinny learned to face herself and assume the responsibilities that love imposes." -Back cover

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Over a beige, solid background, two women can be seen towards the bottom right of the image. One, a blonde, is seen with her back to the reader at a three-quarter angle, from her buttocks up. She is naked, and her hair is long and pulled toward her chest, fully exposing her back. Her head is turned sharply to her left and back, as she looks down toward another woman who is seen from her shoulders up in the bottom-center. She is wearing a scarf on her hair, which seems to be brown, and her face is frontal, with her eyes gazing to her left. The image is made in a minimalist fashion, and lit from the top front.

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