Woman's woman (A)

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154 pages
18 cm

More information about contested books

Contested in the U.S.A and Canada by the National Organization for Decent Literature.

Cover Art Description

Over an orange background, two women occupy the left of the image. One is a brunette who is standing at a three-quarter angle to the left of the reader. She wears a black skirt to her knees and a white brassiere. Her left leg is bent. She holds a cigarette in her right hand which is raised at shoulder-level, a bracelet on the wrist, and her head is turned to the left and downwards, looking at a redhead who sits on the ground beside her and whose hair she strokes with her left hand. The redhead is sitting with her legs folded to her left, right foot under her left thigh. Her body leans towards the right and backwards, and her arms are extended toward her left, one hand on either leg. Her head is tossed back and her eyes gaze is directed at the reader. She wears black capri pants and a yellow blouse with short sleeves, open at the front and showing her cleavage, and is barefoot. The scene is lit from the front, with diffused light.

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