Odd kind (The)

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154 pages
18 cm

NODL Evaluation Report

"Very much" [In reference to the book being objectionable]

"The entire book consists of sex. No real story. Every other page has someone getting in bed with someone else. For youth it should not even be considered reading material. Adults would be wasting their time by even picking up the book!"

More information about contested books

Contested in the U.S.A and Canada by the National Organization for Decent Literature.

Cover, Back Text

"Latest styles...in a lesbian world! La Modena: Once she had been simply Emily Jones, a miner's daughter. Now a high-priced model, she dared to tag herself with the strange name of a town in Italy. Pam Elliott: Once she was content with the friendly attentions of another model, the red-haired Haze Merton. Now she wanted more - the furs and jewels that La Modena or Jorges de Chastelaine could afford to give her. Jorges de Chastelaine: Once he had been amused being merely a wealthy but conventional sportsman. Now he was enjoying being chased by two women...but did they want him or each other? A story of bisexual relationships in the cosmopolitan dress salons where old sins are restyled to please the fancy of the wealthy!" -Back cover

Cover Art Description

Over an orange, textured background, two women can be seen. A blonde in the foreground to the right of the reader is sitting on a bed with a white bedspread on it. She leans forward from her left arm extended behind her. Her right hand rests on the inside of the thigh of the left leg, which is bent inwards under her right leg, bent upwards. Her right foot is pointing out towards the reader. Her hair, long and wavy, is parted on the side, a lock falling over her forehead. She is wearing a black brassiere and panties and her face and eyes are fully frontal. Behind her stands a brunette with hair over her shoulders, also parted on the side. She stands with her hands on her sides and is wearing a red sleeping gown with spaghetti straps, showing some cleavage. Her gaze is directed at the blonde's back. The scene is lit from the front left of the image.

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