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Carol in a thousand cities: a Gold Medal anthology



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Table Of Contents

Introduction / by Ann Aldrich –
Part I. Through the eyes of the writer.
  • In the arms of Tamara / by Franc̜oise Mallet --
  • The doors of astonishment / by N. Martin Kramer -
  • Paul's mistress / by Guy de Maupassant -
  • Hoyle's wife / by Rose Kenmore -
  • Carol, in a thousand cities / by Claire Morgan --
Part II. Through the eyes of the psychoanalyst.
  • A case of homosexuality in a woman / by Sigmund Freud -
  • Preventive measures / by Frank S. Caprio -
  • Changing concepts of homosexuality / by Clara Thompson -
  • The lesbian / by Simone de Beauvoir --
Part III. Through her own eyes.
  • A girl comes out / by Ann Aldrich -
  • A happy life, a constructive life / Anonymous -
  • The ladder, rung by rung / by Ann Aldrich --
  • Please listen to me / letters from female variants

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256 pages
18 cm

NODL Evaluation Report

"This book deals with a most unpleasant subject- lesbianism. The anthology includes a broad selection of the most popular themes occuring [sic] in the twentieth century lesbianism and reports from psychiatrists and a lesbian herself."

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Contested in the U.S.A and Canada by the National Organization for Decent Literature.

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"She did not try to deceive me by saying that she felt any urgent need to be freed from her homosexuality. On the contrary, she said she could not conceive of any other way of being in love.' So states Sigmund Freud in his startling case history of a woman in torment. Equally startling - and illuminating - are the other twelve probing studies in this candid anthology of fact and fiction dealing with women who love...other women." -Back cover

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Over a beige background a figure is seen towards the bottom right of the cover, from her chest up. She is a redhead with her hair tied behind her back in a high bun, looking straight towards the reader with her body at a three-quarter angle to the left of the cover. She is wearing white décolletage with a light-blue ribbon tied in a bow under the strap on her right. Her head is slightly bowed and her face has a serious expression. The art style is photo-realism. The scene is lit from the top.

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