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No lesbian content. The narrators are a lesbian and a gay man who married in order to pass as straight. They tell the story of a married couple who belatedly discover that they are siblings.

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190 pages
18 cm

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"I consider this book objectionable because it portrays sex facts offensively, introducing as the main characters two partners in incest a lesbian and a homosexual."

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Could their love tower above society's deepest Taboos? The Marriage. Ann Bannon. As weird, as shocking, as honest as any story you have ever read. ~ Front cover

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Laura and Jack Mann, featured in Ann Bannon's other best-selling books, tell the compelling story of a marriage made in hell...the story of two golden people, in their love and in their agony - living in a wild twilight world, carrying a dread and damning secret deep inside them. ~ Back cover

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Over a red background with two pointed streaks of white cutting through it from the top-center, two figures appear on the top-right of the cover. One is a blond woman with hair above her shoulders who is wearing a black, sleeveless dress and earrings. She stands in profile, facing right of the reader. Her head is bowed, and she has a distressed expression on her face. Her right arm is bent at the elbow, hand grasping the sleeve of a man's suit jacket whose colour blends into the background red. He is sitting facing her with his left hand on his left knee. His head is bowed and slightly turned to his left, looking on at her head under his face, which she has leaning on his chest. His hair is blond and he wears a light blue shirt under his suit jacket. Hard light comes from the top-left of the image.

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