Damned one (The)

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Damned one (The)

Alternative Title

La Maudite



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190 pages
18 cm

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Contested in the U.S.A and Canada by the National Organization for Decent Literature.

Cover, Back Text

"THE TAINT OF A CURSED LOVE. Claude de Vareze intrigued and bewildered everyone who met her. Even Florence, who was first of all a woman, a normal woman, was mesmerized with thoughts of Claude: her feverish eyes, her eager sensuous lips, her dominant aristocratic bearing. Florence brooded whether Claude intended their growing friendship to blossom into a sharper, fiercer relationship. But most of all she was frightened by her own strange fascination for the passionate, disturbing Claude. This is the haunting story of a tormented creature who had a strange power over all who came in contact with her. In her search for the conventional love she could not have she made even normal women doubt themselves." -Back cover

Cover Art Description

To the left of the image, centered, sits a brunette with short hair. She is wearing a light blue blouse with long sleeves. A red handkerchief sticks out from her left breast pocket and she wears brown pants with long, black leather boots over them, up to the top of her calves. She sits on a red chair, legs slightly parted, her right hand holding a glove rested on top of her right knee. Her head is slightly tilted to her left and she gazes downwards with a stern expression on her face, left hand touching the hair of a redhead who sits on the ground by her feet, leaning her torso on her left knee with her left arm and her head. The redhead is wearing a strapless, white dress with a pink and purple pattern, and her legs are bent at the knees, feet towards her back, around the brunette's left leg. Her expression is troubled as she looks out to the right of the image. Light can be seen coming from the bottom right of the image and shining on the ground to the bottom left.

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