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188 pages
18 cm

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"SHE COULDN'T KEEP HER HANDS OFF HER BROTHER'S WIFE! What torture to be in the same room with Kathy, not being able to say what she really felt about her, not being able to fondle her warm, nude body as she posed on the podium. Yes, Elaina Ransome had been succesful competing against men
she'd climbed to the top of the ladder over their dead-tired bodies, but she needed something more. And for a while, kittenish Terry Brooks fulfilled that strange desire within her. Then...her brother brought his wife, Kathy, to the city, and temptation built up within Elaine to a smashing climax! Here is a story that reveals so much about twisted desires! That deals with the so-called 'abnormal ones' so absorbingly and with such compassion." -Back cover

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A blond woman in strapless, black lace teddy-like lingerie stands in the center of the image towards the bottom of the cover. Her body is at a three-quarter angle facing right and her head is turned to her right and bowed, looking down at a black dress she is putting on or removing, and that she holds at thigh level. Black panties show through her teddy. Her hair reaches her shoulders and is parted to the side. Behind her, the shadow of another woman stands, facing front and seemingly standing behind a translucent curtain which makes her a silhouette. She seems to be looking at the blonde, wearing a long-sleeved nightgown, hands slightly lifted off her thighs to either side. The scene is lit from the top right.

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Item: Maguire, Robert Relation This Item
Item: Midwood Tower Publications Publisher This Item
Item: Ellis, Julie (Joan Ellis) Creator This Item


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