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Problem child
The Switch


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Lesbian Pulp Fiction Type

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Physical Dimensions

250 pages
18 cm

Cover Art Description

The cover has a brown background with text at the top and bottom. Off-center to the top is an image of a platinum-blond woman with long hair, shown from above her chest, sitting in a bathtub with a bubble bath. She looks straight out at the reader with her head slightly tilted to her right, and is smiling. Some of her hair covers part of her chest from her left. She holds a white scrubbing brush in her lifted, left hand. Her other arm is mostly under water. Behind her is a white-tiled wall and a shelf with a blue bottle and a fabric bag. The scene is lit from the top, in diffused light.

Cover Art Style

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Item: Midwood Tower Publications Publisher This Item
Item: Ellis, Julie (Joan Ellis) Creator This Item


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