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A paperback original. This book was published as a mass-market paperback without a hardcover printing.

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141 pages
18 cm

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"This book is filled with description of sex acts which would definitely not be for teen-age [sic] reading."

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Contested in the U.S.A and Canada by the National Organization for Decent Literature. It was listed in the NODL Newsletter from 3-30-1964 until November 1964.

Cover, Front Text

They lived and loved in the off-beat world of lesbianism.

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The Gay World.
Gail, Marja and Gretchen were part of the topsy-turvy world in which you stared if a boy danced with a girl, and found it normal when two girls rubbed knees under the table or sneaked off into the shadows for more intimate contact.
It was the world of the dyke, the butch, the bull, the lady-lover - terms you resented, at first, and then grew to like, for it set you apart and made you different.
It was a blast because it was a word without inhibitions - except when you were among squares - and conformity was the most grievous sin.
It was a mad, mad, satisfying world - until one day you opened your eyes to discover that you were considered an outcast, a pervert, and your depravity could send you to jail.

Cover Art Description

Two women are seen on a bed. The one on the left is a blonde with hair flipped outwards at shoulder level. She is sitting at a three-quarter angle facing left of the reader, in the foreground, with her legs crossed on the bed, her left hand palm-down on her thigh and puffing from a cigarette with her right hand. She is looking straight at the reader with a smile, and she wears a white short dress with straps and a collar line that shows her cleavage. Her right foot is clad with a white, high-heeled shoe, and she has a pink ribbon in her hair, at the top of her head. Behind her, a brunette with short hair lies on her stomach on a blue pillow, head toward the right of the image, torso raised slightly, head turned to her right, smiling. She is resting her chin on the heel of her right hand, left hand in front, facing down. She is wearing a red lace brassiere, black capri pants, and an earring can be seen on her right ear. The bed has a pink sheet and there is a round, pink pillow to the left. The background is pink with a chalky texture of blue and yellow streaked diagonally on it.

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