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160 pages
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Desperately, passionately in love with Randy, Jerry thought he had found happiness until he ran headlong into a leather jacketed band of cruel, lusting wanton, twisted he-women one of whom wanted Randy even more than he!

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With a red devil towering in the background, a short-haired brunette in a skin-tight blue pantsuit with a wide, black belt, wields a whip as she battles with a man in a suit who stands in front of a blond woman clad in underwear. Her right arm is bent at the elbow, hand clutching the whip, and her left arm is bent, hand facing the ground. She leans forward with legs spread, her body facing the reader, and her head turned to her left. She has a furious expression on her face. The man is in the center, lifting his right arm, hand in a fist, looking at her with an intense expression. The blonde behind him has her left leg bent, the knee placed on a red surface, and she leans on her left arm. She looks at the man with fear, one strap of her brassiere hanging over her shoulder.

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