Operation sex

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Operation sex




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157 pages
18 cm

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Contested in the U.S.A and Canada by the National Organization for Decent Literature.

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"AN ODD DUTY. When Colleen accepted the undercover assignment she did not know it would be her duty to share a stateroom with beautiful, mysterious Ruby. But when Ruby stood in front of her - stark naked - and said, 'The hell with men! I can do anything they can - anything!', Colleen knew her duty and found it a pleasure. Here are the high and low adventures of Colleen Mead, who had a body that frequent use improved, and she was always looking for a chance to improve herself, whether with men - or women." -Back cover

Cover Art Description

The legs of a woman, seen from the thighs down, dominate most of the space. The legs, which face forward to the left at a three-quarter angle, are spread open and wear stockings with suspenders. Black high heels can also be seen on the woman's feet, as well as her two hands holding black panties in front of her legs. Behind her is a wooden wall with a window partially visible. The window has a white, pull-down shade screen on it that is not fully down; the face of a woman is seen peeping through under it, looking at the woman's behind. She stands on a red carpeted floor, and the scene is lit from the front left. The top quarter of the cover has a brownish-grey stripe which holds the title.

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Item: Midwood Tower Publications Publisher This Item
Item: Fox, Gilbert (Kimberly Kemp, Dallas Mayo, Peter Willow) Creator This Item
Item: Rader, Paul image This Item


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