Perfume and pain



Perfume and pain




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186 pages
18 cm

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Contested in the U.S.A and Canada by the National Organization for Decent Literature.

Cover, Front Text

Could She Have Been Born A Lesbian? She knew no desire but that for another woman.

Cover, Back Text

Apprentice Lesbian Gail wanted to learn how to seduce other women so she went to Aunt Peg for instruction. Aunt Peg said, “The first thing to do is please yourself. ” Then there was no more talk, there couldn’t be, not with Aunt Peg’s hot mouth opening upon her own.

Cover Art Description

Over an orange background, two female figures are seen, on the lower two-thirds of the visual space. One is a brunette whose head is visible, alone, floating towards the center of the cover and facing the reader. She has short, curly hair and her eyes are closed. Hard light shines on her right cheek. Below the image of the brunette's head kneel-sits a blonde surrounded by cushions of different colours, one of which she has pressed against her chest and stomach. She is fully naked and in profile, her body facing left of the reader and her head facing the reader. Her arms are stretched out in front of her, hands touching her knees. She has long, curly hair and looks out on the reader with a slight smile. Hard light comes from her left.

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Item: Maguire, Robert Relation This Item
Item: Midwood Tower Publications Publisher This Item
Item: Fox, Gilbert (Kimberly Kemp, Dallas Mayo, Peter Willow) Creator This Item


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