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159 pages
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The cover is illustrated in a cartoon-like manner and depicts an interior scene in the bedroom of a suburban house. The bedroom has a partially visible bed, foot board outwards, to the left of the image. It has a light green bedspread with a bed skirt and a green headboard which is partially visible, with a white pillow against it. There is an open window with raised pink blinds and purple, drawn curtains to the right of the image. A painting hangs on the wall, above the bed. In front of the bed, three figures stand. One is a blonde with long hair tied at the top and flipping over her shoulders. She is standing to the far left of the image wearing black panties, a black brassiere, and high heel shoes, facing left on a three-quarter angle. Her head is straight but her eyes look back to her left. Holding her left arm at the elbow, a brunette with short hair stands behind her. She is wearing a yellow blouse with short sleeves and what seem to be blue jeans, tapered at the ankles, with a belt. Her left hand is tucked in her front, left pocket. She is wearing brown moccasins, and she looks at the blonde with a smile. Behind them, a man with a stern expression on his face stands, a little further back. He has short, brown hair and is wearing light brown pants with a salmon-coloured, long-sleeve shirt that has a breast pocket. In his left hand, raised stomach-high, he holds a pack of cigarettes and has a watch on its wrist. He has a cigarette hanging from his lips, which he is lighting with his right hand, using a lighter. A light green chair can partially be seen behind him, and another house and a car can also be partially seen through the open window beside him. The scene is lit from he front left, casting long shadows of the women's legs on the pink floor.

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