Whispered sex (The)

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Whispered sex (The)




Los Angeles was nothing like what Joyce expected it to be.

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158 pages
18 cm

Protagonist's Status at the End

Female Protagonists Meet or Introduced to the Reader

NODL Evaluation Report

"The whole book deals with perversion- sexually abnormal individuals- obscene acts, etc."

Cover Art Description

The cover has a white background with a smaller, yellow square towards the bottom. In it, the figures of two women can be seen, in a photographic superimposition. The face in profile of a blond woman with her straight hair tied at the back occupies most of the space, to the background. Light shines from the right of the image illuminating the back of her head and casting a shadow on most of her face, which looks toward the left of the reader with a neutral expression. Superimposed to the image, there is that of another woman, a redhead with straight hair to her shoulders, facing the reader in a kneeling position on a bed with light blue sheets. She is wearing a pink and purple negligee with one strap hanging over her right shoulder, both arms stretched down in front of her knees. Her body is slightly leaning to the left of the image and she looks on at the reader with half-closed eyes and slightly parted lips. The scene is lit from the front left.

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