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House of sin: An original novel



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156 pages
18 cm

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Contested in the U.S.A and Canada by the National Organization for Decent Literature.

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"Why were they there? What did they really want? They called it a health farm, but the women who gathered behind its walls needed more than the mere help of reducing...much, much more. Dana Costello: She owned the resort and she knew what the women wanted...and she was ready to supply anything...even herself. Rowena: She could buy anything with her money...even men...but she wanted Dana and she wanted her as more than a friend. Inez: A Park Avenue matron, she came to the farm to escape the compulsions that drove her to waterfront bars...and she found an even worse horror. Jennifer: She struggled to escape the perverse attraction of Dana Costello...and found the true meaning of love. Hope: Her only love was the bottle...but her alcoholic world was invaded by a brutal relentless male. This is a story that will shock you with its blatant realism...a story that builds to a crescendo climax." -Back cover

Cover Art Description

A purple background serves as backdrop to two scenes that merge through it. At the bottom right of the cover, a house stands in the dark; some of its windows reveal lights on inside. The house is portrayed utilizing the background purple for its illuminated planes, and black and a darker purple for its shaded planes. On the left of the cover, and also stemming out of the background purple, stands a blonde at a three-quarter angle facing left, and to the left of the reader. She wears a black dress with a long, V-neck that reveals her cleavage and a high slit over her right leg. Her left hand is raised to her neck, elbow straight out toward the reader. Her right hand is posed on her right leg, arm fully stretched down. Her hair is shoulder-high and parted in the side, and her head is turned to her left, gazing directly at the reader with half-closed eyes. She is fully lit from her front, her left side bathed in the background purple.

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