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128 pages
18 cm

NODL Evaluation Report

"The focus throughout is on sex perversion, detailed in an offensive manner. There is little social, educational or literary value to redeem prurient emphasis."

"Actually there isn't a page of good reading in the book. The whole book approves of immoral actions."

Cover, Back Text

"SAVAGE PASSIONS. Melanie was a unique, exotic, totally female animal, ruling a strange underworld of her own. Men fought each other fiercely for the opportunity just to look at her. Les Weston wanted her - needed her - for a double reason. Only with Melanie in the starring role would the film on which his career depended be a success. But more than that, he hungered for her flawless body. There was only one trouble. Melanie wanted nothing to do with men. She preferred women - and she had her pick of the loveliest and lushest in the world as her lovers!" -Back cover

Cover Art Description

Against a red curtain, two women are displayed, toward the left of the image. One is a blonde with straight hair who stands at a three-quarter angle to the reader, wearing a short, red negligee. Her hands are behind her back, and her head is slightly turned to her right and halfway thrown to the back, eyes half-closed and looking straight on at the reader with her lips parted. In front of her and to the right of the image, and partially blocking her from view, sits another woman, an Asian-looking brunette, with a long, white negligee with sleeves to the elbows. Her hair is short at the front and sides, but very long at the back, reaching her waist. She sits at a three-quarter angle to the left of the reader, with her left hand in a fist, on her waist, and her right leg slightly lifted, bent at the knee. Her right arm is stretched over it, palm down. Her torso is turned to her left. Her face is slightly tilted to her right and she looks straight on at the reader with a neutral expression on her face. The scene is lit slightly from the left of the reader, in a soft light.

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Bena Williams

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