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127 pages
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The Censorship Board of Ireland prohibited Olivia from 5 May 1936.

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"FIRST LOVE. Here is a warm and tender story of a young girl's first awakening to love - a love that was sparked by the beautiful and intelligent headmistress of her school. In her response to Mademoiselle Julie, who had opened her eyes to the world, Olivia found herself involved in a complex and passionate attachment that she could neither comprehend or control. '...a penetrating essay into the abnormalities of sex, written with sympathy and understanding and great beauty.' -Book of the Month Club News. 'Olivia writes a narrative of sheer emotion as Raymond Radiguet did in 'Devil in the Flesh'...' -N.Y. Times Book Review." -Back cover

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Against a textured orange background, the figures of two women occupy the bottom half of the space. In the foreground, a brunette with short, curly hair is seen from her chest up, facing the reader. She appears to be naked. Her head is bowed and slightly tilted to her left, and her eyes are half-closed, looking towards her right. Her right hand touches her face, index finger toward her right ear and middle finger under her bottom eyelid. Ring and little finger curve downwards. Her left hand is rested on the inside of her right forearm, fingers spread. In the background, left of the image, a blonde with curly hair to her shoulders stands in profile facing right of the image. Her arms are crossed in front of her stomach and her head is turned to her right and slightly tilted, eyes looking down into space near where the brunette is. She is wearing a strapless, purple dress. The scene is lit with a hard light that comes from the top left, and a shadow is cast on the brunette's chest near her neck.

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