Evil friendship (The)

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192 pages
18 cm

NODL Evaluation Report

"The whole book deals with murder committed by two young Lesbians [sic]- although neither the murder nor their homosexual acts are actually pictured in a favorable [sic] way they are not condemned. Much emphasis is given to these actions as Lesbians [sic]."

More information about contested books

Contested in the U.S.A and Canada by the National Organization for Decent Literature.
The Censorship Board of Ireland prohibited The Evil Friendship from 4 October 1960.

Cover, Back Text

"THE EVIL FRIENDSHIP. This is the horrifying yet fascinating novel of two teen-age girls whose unnatural love for each other led to an even greater crime - the crime of matricide." -Back cover

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Two young girls occupy the center of the image, toward the bottom of the cover. One, a brunette with cropped hair, is in the back, and wears a long-sleeved, golden-yellow blouse. Her head is bowed forward and slightly to her right, and her eyes are closed. She is holding a blond girl, who is leaning against her, with both hands; her left hand rests on the blonde's back, and her right hand grasps the blonde's left arm right below the shoulder. The blonde has straight hair, which hangs to the front of her right shoulder, exposing her back. She is wearing a gray, long-sleeved sweater with the sleeves rolled to her elbow. Her left hand touches the right arm of the brunette and her head is bowed down. Wooden louvers are seen behind them. The scene is lit with natural light from the right. The top of the cover has a yellow strip with a logo, a price stamp, and text.

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Item: Fawcett Publications Publisher This Item
Item: Meaker, Marijane (Vin Packer, Ann Aldrich) Creator This Item


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