Lesbian twins



Lesbian twins



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158 pages
18 cm

Female Protagonists Meet or Introduced to the Reader

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Not really a lesbian novel. Hilda is into men, but her first sexual experience was with her twin sister. She recounts the first time to her male lover Bill.

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Cover, Front Text

Obedient to Mom’s insistence, Hilda started upstairs to join Jane for a nap. Jealousy stabbed at Bill’s heart as the ugly visions multiplied in his brain.

Cover Art Description

A blonde can be seen climbing a flight of stairs towards a bedroom with the door open. She is wearing a summer dress with a pattern, and high heels. Her hair reaches her shoulders and she has bangs across her forehead. Giving her back to the reader, her body is slightly turned towards the right and her face is turned back as she looks at a man with brown hair standing at the bottom of the stairway with his left hand on his waist, in a fist, and facing the reader with his head turned to his left, towards the blonde. He is wearing a beige shirt with buttons and breast pockets, tan pants and a black belt. A pen sticks out of his left shirt pocket. Inside the bedroom, seated in profile, another identical blonde is seen taking off her stockings. The scene is lit from the right of the reader, light also coming from the bedroom.

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