Women without men

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Women without men

Alternative Title

Femmes sans hommes



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174 pages
18 cm

NODL Evaluation Report

"Violates points 6 & 8 of Code. This one should be objectionable even for adults."

More information about contested books

Contested in the U.S.A and Canada by the National Organization for Decent Literature.

Cover Art Description

Two out-of-focus female figures stand, one in front of and to the right of the other, at the bottom center of the cover, depicted in black and white and facing the reader. The one in front has her arms crossed, and her left leg is bent at the knee with the foot pointing out. She is seemingly looking towards the reader. Her hair looks like it is either tied or short, and she is wearing a garment with a semi-transparent fabric that reaches down to her knees. The figure at the back has longer hair and is standing with her arms on her hips, elbows pointing back, legs straight with left foot pointing out. She is also wearing a garment with a semi-transparent fabric and her head appears to be turned to her left. The top half of the cover contains text in red and in black. The scene seems to be lit from the right.

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