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Voyage from Lesbos: the psychology of a female homosexual


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The psychoanalysis of a female homosexual

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‘The often-impenetrable curtain that conceals the strange truths of women’s tendencies toward homosexuality lifted a bit more this week. Connie is one woman shown for what she is. A 29-year old secretary, Connie had been a Lesbian for eight confused years when she finally consulted Dr. Richard C. Robertiello, a New York psychiatrist, not through any real desire to correct her sex abnormality, but to relieve the severe depression and insomnia that followed a violent crack-up with her long-time girl companion, Jo, after a bitter quarrel’

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A nude brunette woman faces and looks out at the reader with her hands over her face at the left of the image. She has wavy hair at nape-height, with bangs above her eyebrows. Her left leg is slightly bent on the knee, foot out, and her right leg is straight. The book's title's fonts are strategically placed over the image, as to partially cover her naked body. The background is a texture on greens, yellows, purples and blues. The scene is lit from the right, the color purple acting as a shadow over the right side of her body.

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