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155 pages
18 cm


Damon, Gene. "Man Among Women." Ladder, vol. 5, no. 9, June 1961, p. 22.

Author of last year's excellent Chris, Randy Salem has written another top-notch lesbian paperback. Surprisingly, the story line is male-oriented but despite this drawback it is a superior paperback, full of well-drawn convincing lesbians.

NODL Evaluation Report

"I consider this book objectionable because the protrayal [sic] of sex is offensive and the unnatural relationship described too vividly and in too great detail. I marked and dog-earred only up to page 110." 

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"They called themselves the fringe society...why? Why should wealthy women, attractive, smart and young, choose to be society's outcasts? Why did they rendezvous far off in the lonely Bahamas? Were they tired of compromising with life? Were they seeking freedom? Freedom to do what? Ralph Taylor, successful young photo-journalist, fed up with New York and his fiance, vacations in the Bahamas. Instead of the rest and peace he seeks, he becomes involved in a bitter struggle for the favors of the warped, yet beautiful, Alison Adams. It is Alison who introduces him to the forbidden secrets of her female circle. There he comes face to face with his deadliest rival...that formidable emotional stranglehold one woman has on another...that twisted bond that grips them both in a pact with the devil! Calling in to play all the masculine weapons he possesses - and he has many - Ralph engages in all-out war with striking Maxine Carpenter, with Alison's body for the prize. With a savage fury born of jealousy and envy, Maxine frantically lashes back. Most men would have given up... It would be easy to fight another man for her, he thought...but how could he fight a woman? A taboo subject is treated with frankess and deep understanding by Randy Salem, author of the best-selling novel, 'Chris'" -Back cover

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Near a shoreline on a beach, a blonde with short hair stands, facing the reader, to the left of the image. She is wearing white capri pants and an orange, long-sleeved blouse tucked inside her pants and unbuttoned beneath her breasts. The sleeves are rolled to her elbows. She has a relaxed pose, with her right leg slightly off to her right, her right arm hanging across her side. She is barefoot. Looking down with a smile and her head titled to her left, with her left hand she touches the head of a brunette who sits on a red and pink towel or mat on the sand, in front of her. The brunette is wearing a blue and white strapless bikini and is sitting with her left leg bent under her right thigh, placing her weight on her left arm. Her right hand is raised above her head, touching the hand of the blonde, and her head is fully turned to look back toward her, her gaze turned downward. There is a Tropical plant behind them, and the sea can be seen to the right. The ski above them looks stormy. The scene is lit from the front.

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