Sex and the armed services



Sex and the armed services



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Fictionalized sexual case studies


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140 pages
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Female Protagonists Meet or Introduced to the Reader

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pages 87-90


Rinder, Irwin D. "Women in Trouble by James Donner, The Sexual Side of Life by Don James, Tormented Women by Ed. McGoldick Jr., Crime Passion by Dr. Eugene B. Mozes, Sex and the Armed Services by Dr. L. T. Woodward, The Power of Marital Love by Don James." Sociological Quarterly 2.2 (1961): 138.

An ambivalent 1961 review of the Monarch Books Human Behavior series of paperbacks in an academic journal. The reviewer bemoans the "gratuitously jazzed up" case studies, and the cover designed to attract the "seekers of the lascivious". Nevertheless, he approved of the "trickle down" of information to the nonprofessional reader.

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Contested in the U.S.A and Canada by the National Organization for Decent Literature.

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A doctor's confidential report on the sexual behavior of men and women in military

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The young draftee who is driven to proven his manhood - even if it means going with a prostitute. The frustrated husband who is imagines his wife is unfaithful so that he can mingle promiscuously with other women. The 'tough boys,' secretly, doubtful of their virility, whose frustrations explode in rape. The service woman who becomes the multiple mistress of many men - or goes lesbian. These are only a few of the men and women who case histories are explored in his book. They are true stories of Armied Services personnel seeking emotional fulfillment under the abnormal restrictions of war and military enlistment. - Back cover

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