Fox, Gilbert (Kimberly Kemp, Dallas Mayo, Peter Willow)


Fox, Gilbert (Kimberly Kemp, Dallas Mayo, Peter Willow)

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Connecticut, U.S.A

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11 November 2004




Peter Willow, Leda Starr, Kimberly Kemp, Dallas Mayo, Paul Russo, Violet Loring, among others

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Gilbert Fox served as a well-decorated lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force in World War II. After the war, he received a master’s degree in music from Bowling Green University where he met and married his wife, Patricia. In the 1950s they moved to Greenwich Village where they became part of the New York swinging sex scene. Fox and his wife became participants in the CIA's early clandestine LSD experiments through CIA operative, George White.

Fox set up Vixen Press in his appartment and began publishing under various psedonyms. He also wrote erotica for several New York publishers including Midwood Books. In an interview with Lynn Munroe, he recalls that he was writing for a dollar a page but that Midwood offered $500 a manuscript which later rose to $1,000. When asked about what it was like to work with Harry Shorten, he replied,

"How Harry operated: one day we came back from lunch, and Harry picks the title WHEN LIGHTS ARE LOW out of the air and says 'Your next book for Midwood will be WHEN LIGHTS ARE LOW.' That was it, no meaning at all, no story. So, you know, I went home and wrote WHEN LIGHTS ARE LOW."

Fox wrote over 100 titles for Midwood Books using the pseudonyms Kimberley Kemp and Dallas Mayo for his lesbian novels and Paul Russo for his heterosexual books.


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