Williams, Elaine (Sloan Britton)


Williams, Elaine (Sloan Britton)

Birth Date

December 28, 1932

Death Date

December 1963




Sloan Britton
Sloane Britain

Biographical Text

Elaine Williams was an editor and writer at Midwood-Tower Books. She also wrote for other pulp publishers such as Newstand and Beacon. Her early works were praised for their positive portrayals of lesbian relationships, but her later works were noted for their cynical tone and dismal endings. She is presumed to have committed suicide in late 1963.


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Denyse Rodrigues

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What reliable source says she committed suicide? It was three am, she was driving home from a party and a block from home hit a tree. Even if she were depressed, is the most likely explanation that she decided to commit suicide or that she fell asleep or hit a patch of ice?

Denyse Rodrigues

Thanks, Val. Excellent point. The entry has been changed from "She committed suicide in late 1963" to "She is presumed to have committed suicide in late 1963". This is based on the information in Passet's Indomitable: The Life of Barbara Grier. "Midwood published the next seven Sloane M. Britain books, but none appeared after Elaine Williams’ suicide in late 1963" (p.117) Any additional sources you can point us to would be greatly appreciated!

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