From torment to rapture

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From torment to rapture


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223 pages

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A major novel of the lonely, tortured women driven into desperate alliances forbidden by the normal world...and doomed to disaster.

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In TV as in the theater, the show must go on. Even when mental and physical agony have made work almost impossible...when worry makes the future a nightmare. Even when petty bickering and large-scale office politicking made bitter foes out of works whose cooperation is absolutely essential.
The show must go on...and the little three-year-old TV station must grow...or the shrewd spinster sisters who own it will descend like the wrath of outraged Amazons on everyone employed there. And within that seething, explosive atmosphere, lovely, Lesbian Lee Wendt suffered tortures of her own, torn between the two women who needed her, and the man who desperately, futilely wanted her...until her final wild fulfillment...

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