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Gay ritual


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158 pages
18 cm

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"Tamara was a hot-blooded spitfire who tried every kind of love to quench the never-ending passion that burned through her young body!" -Back cover

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Over a yellow background with green streaks to the right appear two women. One is a brunette with straight, black hair who stands to the right of the image, her body facing the reader. She wears a leather bikini top, black tanga panties, opera-length leather gloves and black leather boots, calves-high. Her left arm is raised and bent at the elbow, hand touching her head, which is turned sharply to her right and down. Her lips are parted and almost touch her right shoulder, which is raised, arm stretched downwards at a forty-five degree angle, palm up. Her legs are somewhat bent, knees pointing to her right. She wears her hair long at the back, with bangs across the forehead. Beneath her sits another brunette, her back towards the reader and her legs folded to the right. She is leaning on her left arm, hand on the ground, and is wearing white, open-back knickers, a white headband, high heels and stockings. Her head is turned up and to the right, looking at the other woman, and her right arm is in front of her hips. The scene is lit from the top left.

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