Queer patterns

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Queer patterns



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142 pages
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Two women dominate the lower half of the cover. One, a blonde, is seen facing the reader as she leans on the armrest of a brown sofa with her legs folded. She is wearing a red blouse with a V-neck and short sleeves, and a short, brown skirt with a black belt. Her left hand is rested on her left calf and has a watch around the wrist. Her right hand is holding up a cigarette. Her face is frontal but her stern gaze is on another woman who stands to the right of the image, in front of the sofa. She is a brunette with short hair parted at the side. She is wearing gray trousers with a black belt, and is removing or putting on a white, sleeveless blouse. Her brassiere can be seen through the open blouse, which she holds with both hands at either side. She stands at a three-quarter angle facing right of the image and also has a stern look on her face, which is slightly tilted towards the blonde. In front of the sofa, there is a coffee table with two drinking glasses and an ashtray, and there is a painting hanging on the wall in the background. At the bottom-right, a chair with a garment thown on it can be partially seen. The scene is lit from the left, part of the room in the shadows. The image is set between two coloured stripes, green and red, at the top and bottom, respectively.

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