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Strange friends

Alternative Title

Et Vildskud



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A Danish love story

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190 pages
18 cm

Protagonist's Status at the End

NODL Evaluation Report

"The jacket-blurb and cover painting suggests a very 'sexy' story, which is not the case. The Lesbian [sic] love described is not as revealing one would expect from reading the very first page of the book (proceeding the title page). That there are such unfortunate individuals as these described is true, but the book would try to lead on to believe that the world is overrun with them. In describing the love existing between Lesbian [sic] lovers, the author exalts [?] its beauty and purity as though it excelled that of the love of a man for a woman. 
This is definitely not suitable reading for youth."

"Violates point #3 ACCW Code."

"I did not read this book. I felt that the theme of perversion alone is objectionable for young people to read about- whatever the treatment.
Advertising- Title page and back cover."

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Contested in the U.S.A and Canada by the National Organization for Decent Literature.

Cover Art Description

The background is white with a smaller rectangle containing the image, two-thirds from the top. A short-haired brunette sits with her torso facing right of the reader at a three-quarter angle, clad in a white, pleated blouse with a black ribbon tied around her collar and hanging over her chest. Her right arm is rested on her right knee, hand pointing upwards and holding a cigarette, a ring on her finger. She has orange capri pants and her right knee faces the reader, left knee pointed to the right. Her head is in profile, and she looks down at a blonde with long hair who sits at a three-quarter angle in the opposite direction next to her. The blonde is wearing a light blue dress and has both hands clasped together on her lap. She wears bracelets on her left wrist. Her head is bowed and her face slightly tilted to her left. Her expression is sorrowful. The scene is lit from the right.

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