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156 pages
18 cm

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"This is a story about a nurse who is promiscuous and definitely experimental in her sexual relations which are described in graphic detail, including lesbianism. She falls in love- but remains promiscuous."

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Over a textured background of purple and blue, a bed is placed, wrought iron headboard facing the reader. Two women are on the bed. On the left, a brunette with dark, black hair, is lying on her right side with her head turned to her left. Her left arm is bent at the elbow, which is raised over her head, tucked under the pillow underneath her head. Her right arm is also bent, hand above her left side, holding a cigarette. She glances towards the reader with a serious expression on her face, and is only wearing a brassiere and panties. She is covered with the bed sheet from her knees down. To her left sits another woman, a redhead, who is clad in a nurse's uniform, the blouse open, unveiling her black brassiere. She sits up against the headboard with her legs raised out to her left, as if resting her feet on a piece of furniture outside of view. With her right hand raised to her chest, she is holding a lighter, a cigarette hanging from her lips. Her head is turned down to her right as she looks at the other woman. The scene is lit from the right, seemingly from a window.

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