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144 pages
18 cm

Female Protagonists Meet or Introduced to the Reader

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Meeting of Missy and Nina


Damon, Gene. "My Sister, My Beloved." Ladder, vol. 8, no. 4, Jan. 1964, p. 16.

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Contested in the U.S.A and Canada by the National Organization for Decent Literature.

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They took their love where they cold find it - in each other's arms. - Front cover

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"AN INNOCENT GAME. It all began with a game, an innocent game. Two young girls - sisters - pretending to be Prince and Princess, clinging to each other for comfort and affection in the face of their lonely lives. They shared a world cut off from all outsiders - until the night a trusted, older man took Missy by force, stirring her desires and causing her to revile men. It was natural for Missy to run to Holly for comfort. It was natural for Holly to comfort her in the only way she knew...Only this time it wasn't a game. This time it turned into a passion they couldn't control...a passion stronger than the ties of their blood and which could only lead them to emotional chaos and personal disaster. - Back cover

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The cover has a white background on its top third. Below it is a photo of two blond women. One is seen from the chest up in the foreground, to the bottom left. She has long hair parted to the side and short at the top. Her body faces the left and her head is turned towards the reader, eyes looking to her left. She is wearing a black blouse with a V-neck and short sleeves. Behind her, to the right of the image, stands another blonde with short hair wearing a pink peignoir or night gown. Her body is facing right of the reader, and her head is turned to her right, slightly bowed, looking at the other woman. The back of her left hand touches her chin, and her right hand touches her hip, arm bent at the elbow. The space around them is pink, and the scene is lit from the left of the reader, focusing on the woman in the front, whose face is enveloped by a shadow on her left side.

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