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156 pages
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"TWO FEMALES. Dorcas, the young socialite...who came down to the Village seeking to develop a talent, who came in search of a means of self-expression, who came in the hope of putting an end to a nagging inner unrest she was unable to fully understand. Gina, the sensuous model...a lovely wanton with a flawless body, demanding that she be paid by the hour, whether working as a model by day or a mistress by night. Suddenly, for Dorcas, it wasn't enough to mold the exquisite details of Gina's sleek thighs and hips and breasts in clay...suddenly, she had to work with something softer than clay, something flesh!" -Back cover

Cover Art Description

In a glass-covered attic, a blonde with straight hair flipped at her shoulders stands facing the reader at a three-quarter angle on the left of the image, facing right. She is wearing a strapless bikini top with a colour pattern, and black capri pants. She is barefoot, her legs spread open in front of a wooden stool with a clay sculpture which she seems to be modelling with her hands. She has a slight smile on her face and looks at another woman standing in front of her, her back at a three-quarter angle to the reader, facing left. She is a naked brunette with short hair, leaning against a stool covered in a red velvet cloth. Her hands are placed on the stool behind her, and her left leg is seen, spread outwards. Her head is slightly bowed and turned to her left. Her eyes are closed, and she is smiling. Behind the blonde, several clay figurines can be seen on shelves under the angled, glass ceiling. The floor and wall are wooden. The scene is lit from the top with natural light.

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