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188 pages
18 cm

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"SEPARATE BEDS. Bert and Libby Gunther wer bored with their marriage, so they took separate vacations. He went to the seashore, she to the mountains. BERT spent his vacation trying to protect a beautiful girl from an insatiable Lesbian. He soon found himself in the middle and it took all of his vacation, and most of his manhood, to work himself out. LIBBY spent her vacation learning the ins and outs of Lesbianism, and discovering that three in a bed was not one too many - especially if the other two were women who knew the angles. When Bert and Libby came home they met as strangers - but they were interesting strangers." -Back cover

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Over a textured, orange background, two figures occupy the bottom-center of the image, on a chair with turned-wood armrests and orange upholstery. They are at a three-quarter facing one another. One is a man, wearing black pants, a white long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a watch on his left wrist. He sits embracing a blond woman with both arms. The woman has long hair, tied to the back and hanging across her back. She is sitting on his right thigh, her back to the reader, with a yellow dress that has been lowered down to her hips, exposing part of her back and buttocks. She has a white brassiere with the right strap hanging over her right arm, and her head is tossed back, slightly titled to the right. Her eyes are closed. The man's left arm covers part of the right side of her upper back, bent at the elbow, fingers on her shoulder blades. His right arm embraces her lower back. A yellow necktie with a pattern is seen from under his left elbow. The scene is lit from the top left of the image.

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