Divided path (The)

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Divided path (The)




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192 pages
18 cm

Contested book

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Banned in Australia by the Australian Literature Censorship Board

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"He had known infatuation, but this...this was different! Bigger than anything he'd ever felt before. And it did not seem 'unnatural.' Now he felt himself quiveringly alive with an emotion that threatened to overwhelm him. Here was a situation he must face - one from which he had no desire to escape, yet he felt he must do so. A feeling of terror obsessed him. He must not see Paul again. And even as he made that decision, he knew that he lied to himself." -Back cover

Cover Art Description

Against a streaked, purple background, the figure of a man is seen sitting on the ground toward the bottom-right of the image. He sits with his torso on profile, turned to his right, and his legs facing left of the image, left knee pointing toward the reader, with foot pointing inwards under the right leg. He appears to be sitting on a protruding rock on a low slope, and some grass is seen in the background. He is wearing a long-sleeved, light blue shirt, unbuttoned, partially exposing his chest, and long, black pants. He also wears brown shoes and has a gold chain bracelet on his left wrist. His left arm is stretched, hand rested on his right knee. His head faces left and back of the image, slightly bowed down. The scene is lit with hard, natural light that comes from the top right and casts a shadow of his legs on the ground below him.

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