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155 pages
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Contested in the U.S.A and Canada by the National Organization for Decent Literature.

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"SHARON AND TAFFY. They were classmates, roommates and the closest of friends. Chaperoned by an older, wiser coed, they set off for what promised to be a vacation neither of them would forget. Away from home and eager for thrills, they were the guests of honor at an exotic party attended only by women. It was a party that lasted for days and its erotic effects, for a lifetime. Once back at school and in the tiny room they shared, their relationship had undergone a drastic change. They were more than just friends, much was the demanding master and the other, an ecstatic love slave." -Back cover

Cover Art Description

A redhead is shown seated toward the bottom right of the image, facing the reader at a three-quarter angle to the left. Her hair is parted to the side and reaches her nape at the back. Her body is partially visible up to her right knee. Her left leg is crossed over her right. She is wearing a short, purple sundress with thin straps and a V-neck. Her right strap is hanging over her shoulder, displaying the edge of a white brassiere. Her left arm is stretched, hand resting on the edge of her seat, and her right arm stretches down on the other side. Her head is straight and faces the reader, but her eyes look toward her right. An earring is visible on her left ear. She has a slight smile on her lips and a relaxed expression on her face. In the background, a brunette lays on her stomach on a bed, her head toward the left side of the image. Her hair is also parted, reaching her nape at the back. She is naked except for black lace panties which are partially visible behind the redhead's right arm. She looks straight on at the reader, and has a smile on her lips as well. She hugs a pair of cushions under her right cheek, and part of her left breast can be seen, slightly pressed against the bed. Behind them is a pink dresser with a mirror, with a few objects on it and a pair of photographs pinched between the mirror and its ornate frame. Part of a college sports team banner can be seen over her head. The background is orange, and the scene is lit from the top.

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