Bitter love


Bitter love


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Alexandra deals with the fact that her husband is having an affair with another man.
A paperback original. This book was published as a mass-market paperback without a hardcover printing.

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238 pages

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The story of a queer marriage

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Anton sat down, half reclining, on the edge of her bed. He ran one finger along the soft skin on the inside of her arm. He eased himself closer to her and slid his hand down the neck of her nightgown.
His wife jerked away. "Don't you think you'd better go?" she said bitterly. "You mustn't keep Hugo waiting."
Anton raised himself on one elbow and looked at her. "I don't understand."
Her lips twisted back from her teeth. "Don't play the fool with me, Anton. I know why I was bought- married, if you prefer that word. Run along dear; mustn't keep your lord and master waiting." She sat up in bed and glared at him. "Or are we sharing you tonight?"

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