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Roommates (The)



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156 pages
18 cm

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The image, which occupies the bottom three-quarters of the cover, shows two women, a brunette and a redhead, in a bedroom. The brunette sits on the brown carpeted floor with her legs folded to her right, knees in front of her and legs crossed at the ankles. Her right hand rests over her right ankle and her head is turned downwards to her right. Her left arm is bent and leaned on a bed beside her. She is wearing a striped halter dress and high heels. On the bed is a redhead, kneel-seated and facing her and holding the straps of her halter, from the back. She wears her hair up and has a red dress whose right strap hangs over her shoulder. Her head is tilted downwards and slightly to her right as she gazes at the brunette. The bed is unmade, with pillows and cushions scattered over it. There is a brown curtain in the background, and light seems to come from a lamp off the image, to the left, making the right side of the image somewhat dark.

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