Diary of a dyke

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Diary of a dyke



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192 pages
18 cm

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"LEZ LOSER...Kathy tried over and over again to move herself in the direction of the normal woman - men, more men, lovemaking and more lovemaking. But though she tried as hard as she knew how, the monster within was stronger - AC-DC BROAD!" -Back cover

Cover Art Description

A redhead stands naked with her back at a three-quarter angle to the left of the reader, and at the left of the cover. She wears a striped headband on her hair, which flips outwards at shoulder-height, and a black earring hangs from her right earlobe. She wears green high heels. Wrapped around her body, from her left ankle and up to her left shoulder, is a black serpent. The woman holds a black feather in her right hand and carries a sheet of paper in her left hand. She looks straight out at the reader with her legs parted to the sides and her right hand slightly raised. The scene is lit with diffused light from the front.

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