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186 pages
18 cm

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Contested in the U.S.A and Canada by the National Organization for Decent Literature.

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She was only SEVENTEEN but her body was already bought and paid for in full by another woman – a LESBIAN. A shattering new novel. ~ Front cover

Cover, Back Text

Just between girls. Penny stood in the shower, soaping herself carefully. The naked blonde who waited on the other side of the shower curtain had promised her a different kind of evening. Penny suspected what it would be, and she was ready. She needed love, even if it were with another woman. She had waited too long to care. The story of a beautiful young girl who learned what it meant to be 'A bit of fluff.' -Back cover

Cover Art Description

A blond woman dries herself with a pink towel, sitting at the edge of a bath tub, to the left of the image and facing right at a three-quarter angle. The towel covers the front of her body, and her legs are stretched in front of her, crossed at the ankles. Her hair is wavy and reaches her shoulders. Her head is tilted towards her left as she dries her neck with her left hand, holding the towel, on which she partially sits. A woman with red hair looks out from behind light-blue shower curtains. She looks straight toward the blonde's legs, as if saying something. There is steam coming out from the bathtub and a sink can be seen hazily in the background, along with a mirror above it and a window with curtains above a towel rack with two light-blue towels. The scene is lit from the right.

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Item: Fox, Gilbert (Kimberly Kemp, Dallas Mayo, Peter Willow) Creator This Item
Item: Rader, Paul image This Item


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