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Alternative Title

As there are two books in one, both titles, Forbidden and Immoral, are used.



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Lesbian Pulp Fiction Type

Physical Dimensions

18 cm

Cover, Back Text

"Two kinds of love treated separately and brilliantly by two great authors...IMMORAL: This gripping novel proposes the following question: Can love between husband and wife not only exist concurrent with physical infidelity but be, in fact, nourished and strengthened by it? True or false? FORBIDDEN: It began as a curious experiment, strictly a one-time thing, a harmless excursion into a strange and fascinating world. But once having tasted, Holly Kingdon discovered she could not do without more of the forbidden fruit." -Back cover

Cover Art Description

The cover has a brown background with all the text and logos on it. In the center, there is a smaller square containing the image of a woman, seen from head to bust, lying on her back, head to the left of the image. Her left hand touches the left side of her neck, arm fully bent and elbow pointing straight upwards. Her head, with brown hair, is tossed back against a white or beige pillow, eyes closed. She looks naked, and covered with a white or beige sheet that is partially visible under her right arm, which is straightened to the right, off-image. The scene is lit from the center-top.

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