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Pretty puppet



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156 pages
18 cm

NODL Evaluation Report

"Just terrible, about a bunch of sexual animals!
All copies should be burned."

Cover, Back Text

"THE STRANGE BREED. Toni: breathtakingly beautiful, majestically proportioned, fantastically depraved...a creature so cruel and yet so exciting that few of her helpless victims ever sought to escape her dark domination. Selena: plump and pampered and perverted...accustomed to being catered to by both men and women and equally as able to enjoy each brand of passion. Eunice: too young and pretty and vulnerable to cope with the perfumed sensuality that surrounded her...a girl held captive to the role of a sex-slave by her own high-voltaged passions. A daring excursion into the world of erotic bondage." -Back cover

Cover Art Description

A brunette with long, straight hair parted in the middle, and bangs curving into the center of her forehead, leans from behind a dark blue screen that covers the lower two-thirds of the image. Her head is slightly tilted to her right and bowed, her eyes looking down and slightly to her left. Her arms are bare. Her left arm is fully bent at the elbow, forearm posed over the edge of the screen, and her right arm, also bent at the elbow, holds a wooden frame with puppet strings attached to it that attach to a blonde standing to the bottom of the cover, and only seen from her hips up. She has short, curly hair and is wearing a white dress or blouse with slim, horizontal red lines. The collar of the garment is turned up, and except for a red string above her stomach, nothing else fastens the sides of the garment together; part of her stomach and breasts is exposed. Both her arms are bent at the elbows, with her left hand palm-down, and her right hand palm-up. Her head is tilted to her left and to the back, and she looks up at the woman holding the strings, with a slight smile on her lips. Behind the blue screen, there is a yellow background at the top third of the image. Light seems to come from the top-right of the image.

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