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156 pages
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"SWEET CAPTIVITY. It wasn't the first time Nikki had been placed on the auction block and sold to the highest bidder, but it was the first time the highest bidder turned out to be a woman...a strange and exciting woman. 'Make no mistake about it,' Olivia March stated flatly, 'I own you, body and soul. Whatever I want, whatever I ask...you'll give, and go on giving until I tell you to stop.' No hope of escape, no choice but to obey." -Back cover

Cover Art Description

In an indoors, semi-darkened space, two women are shown. One, a blonde, leans on the edge of a side table with a mirror over it that has an ornate frame, to the center-right of the cover. She is facing the reader at a three-quarter angle facing the left of the cover. The table has a vase with flowers on the left, and a drinking goblet to the right. The blonde wears a burgundy short dress with short sleeves and a V-neck that exposes her cleavage. She has short, straight hair flipped inwards above her shoulders. Her legs are spread apart, and she is wearing high-heels. Her arms are at either side of her hips, clasping the edge of the table behind her. Her head is slightly tilted to her right, and her eyes look down in front of her, at another woman who sits on the ground with her legs crossed, leaning back on her hands, placed on the ground behind her. Her hair is red and wavy, reaching her shoulders, and she is wearing a white blouse, with long sleeves rolled to her elbows, and light brown pants. She is sitting on a round, red rug, looking back at the blonde. Over both figures, a lamp shaped as a globe hangs from the ceiling, lighting the scene.

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Item: Midwood Tower Publications Publisher This Item
Item: Fox, Gilbert (Kimberly Kemp, Dallas Mayo, Peter Willow) Creator This Item
Item: Rader, Paul image This Item


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